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  1965: The Filmgoer’s Companion
the encyclopedia of everything to do with the movies. 
Now edited by John Walker.

ISBN 0002557983, Granada.
  1973: The Filmgoer’s Book of Quotes
hundreds of categorised quotes from stars, producers and directors, and featuring quizzes at the end of each chapter. 

ISBN 0583128890, Granada (1978 version).
  1975: The Clapperboard Book of the Cinema
with Graham Murray. 

ISBN 0246108142, Hart-Davis.
  1976: Mountain of Dreams: the Golden Years of Paramount
a collection of black and white publicity posters and press book materials advertising Paramount movies, divided into sections and accompanied by LH’s comments. 

ISBN 0246108258, Granada.
  1977: Halliwell’s Movie Quiz
this and the Book of Quotes were eventually incorporated into The Filmgoer’s Companion

ISBN 0905018427, Everest.
  1977 - 1989: Halliwell’s Film Guide
covered in more depth on the Editions page.
  1979: Halliwell’s Television Companion
with Philip Purser, does for TV what the Filmgoer’s Companion did for the movies. 

ISBN: 0586085254, Grafton (5th Edition, 1985).
  1982: Halliwell’s Hundred
Click here for more information  

ISBN 0586084908 (1984 version), Paladin.

1984: The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes: Seventeen Supernatural Stories
Click here for more information

ISBN 0586059954, Panther Books (Granada).

  1985: Seats in All Parts: Half a Lifetime at the Movies
Click here for more information

ISBN 0684183862, Scribner (US Version).
  1986: Halliwell’s Harvest
Click here for more information   

ISBN 0246126671, Grafton.
1986: The Dead that Walk
an amusing and informative journey through the celluloid adventures of three famous horror characters: Dracula, the Frankenstein monster and the Mummy.  Halliwell intended this to be the first in a series of books examining different aspects of the movies which he had particularly enjoyed over the years.  

ISBN 0586086463, Grafton.
1987: A Demon Close Behind
More supernatural stories à la 'The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes' (and a poem!)  Click here for more information.

ISBN 0709029322, Hale.
1987: Double Take and Fade Away
examining comedy in general from vaudeville, through films, and on to the television shows of the fifties and sixties.  It’s a massive subject and unfortunately not a wholly successful book, tending as it does to become a bit of a list towards the end. 

ISBN 0246128356, Grafton.
1987: Return to Shangri-La
a novel based around the idea that Lost Horizon was actually a true story, with many references to that film and others from the Golden Age (it becomes at times somewhat reminiscent of The Maltese Falcon).  Personally I find the whole concept of Shangri-La flawed to begin with, and the story doesn’t really rattle along with enough pace to generate any real excitement. 

ISBN 0586070818, Grafton.
1988: A Demon on the Stair
The third of Halliwell's ghost story compilations. Click here for more information.

ISBN 0709031815, Hale.
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