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- Stories of the supernatural -

ISBN 0709031815

- no dedication -


The third and last of Halliwell's ghost story compilations, inspired by M. R. James, amongst others.


Foreword :



The modest approval which greeted A Demon Close Behind from aficionados of uneasy tales has led to this further collection cut from roughly the same cloth.  I note this time a greater emphasis on the television business which has been my background these past thirty years, but at least half a dozen of these stories will seem to follow the pattern laid down nearly a century ago by that doyen of ghost story writers M. R. James, and I have certainly gravitated more than once towards his favourite East Anglian setting.  As before, incidents in real life have often formed the basis of my flights of fancy; but real life usually provides a ‘rational’ explanation.

Leslie Halliwell
Suffolk 1987


The stories are:


Great-Aunt Hester Takes the Cure
The Ghost of Hamlet's Father
Burning Off the Stubble
Breakfast in Hollywood
A Monumental Indiscretion
Magnetic North
In Thunder, Lightning or in Rain
Brother Joseph and the Order of Cho-Ran So-Tet
Six Plumed Horses
The Custodian of the Escorial
Gelding's Nun
A Night at the Hotel Majestic
Cry of the Hedgehog
The Graveyard Shift
All I Do Is Dream Of You
Endpiece: The Mask


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